The Maverick Hunters

Name: Mega Man X
Rank: B-Class
Creator: Dr. Light
The Original Reploid. Though a pacifist, He joined the Maverick Hunters because of all the terror the Mavericks were causing. He uses the X-Buster to fight battles. Works extremely well when paired with Zero.

Creator: ??
A smart, caring Maverick Hunter navigator who guides X and his group though missions. She can have a short temper and is prone to screaming at people.

Maverick Army

Name: Sigma
Leader of the Maverick Army
Creator: Dr. Cain
The first Maverick Hunter Commander. Got infected with the Maverick Virus, and then went insane. He is the feared leader of the Mavericks. Plans to see the evolution of the reploids, and to enslave/eradicate all humans.

Name: Vile
Right-Hand Man to Sigma
Creator: Reploid Scientists A dangerous and arrogant Maverick. Was a Maverick Hunter who was frequently arrested for destructive behavior and brutality during missions. Recruited by Sigma and now his most powerful subordinate. Has a deep hatred of X.
Huntin' Mavericks